Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Light Contest Winners!

The judges have made their choices for the 2014 Raymondale Holiday Lights contest! Judges were:  Christie Nolan, Morgan Wilson, Wanda Nolan and Heather Wilson, ages ranged from 92 to 9 years old.

FIRST PLACE: 3314 Brandy. Their festive musical element gave them the winning edge!

SECOND PLACE:  7421 Brad. Beautiful white light display with an impressive wrapped tree!

THIRD PLACE: 7502 Brad. Most creative and humorous entry and the decorations were hand made!

(Since the third place winner is also the author of this blog, we have a photo of our display. I would love to add photos of the First and Second place winner to this blog post and invite them to send them. Thank you!)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Raymondale Annual Meeting a HUGE Success!

On Friday evening, November  7th,  at the Leis Center about 60-65 neighbors attended the annual Raymondale Civic Association meeting and pot luck. This was the largest turn out in years!


The evening was highlighted with a wonderful presentation by architect Mario Pareja. Mario gave great insights on our "Atomic" houses and various construction issues that can arise because of the way these houses were constructed. RCA board wishes to thank the Wilsons and local architect, Mario Pareja, for sharing their experiences and answering  attendees'  questions. Watch the next newsletter for  more information on Orangeburg pipes and local watershed-related building restrictions.
Much interest was generated by Raymondale's new "Little Library" on St. James Place, with a display (and free book giveaway) thanks to Nicole and Tony Britton.
Great information on birds was shared with brochures and a display board of photos taken of birds in the area. A fabulous door prize of birdfeeding-related products  (donated by Dan and Beth Fedorko) was won by one of Raymondale's newest families! 
While their parents talked and did boring stuff, little kids formed creative bird feeders from pipe cleaners and Cheerios.
Among new initiatives announced: a new gardening committee for the new Raymondale sign; formation of a new task force on neighbors helping neighbors during disasters (as part of a pilot program by Fairfax County and FEMA);  the decision to go ahead and compile a new neighborhood directory.
-The current board was reelected. Thanks, everyone, for the great  turnout so that all of us can be that much more aware and responsive to what you, the residents, want RCA to do!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ogre in Luria Park!

Beware! There is an ogre in Luria Park!
Long a habitat for deer, foxes, squirrels, and hawks, Luria Park now has its own ogre...
Oh my!

This woody beast is the creation of Holmes Run resident, Jack Underhill, who couldn't resist having a little fun with a giant tree stump in the park.

He had been carving all afternoon, fielding questions from curious onlookers especially children.

And an ogre is born! A friendly wood ogre who guards our precious park. Go pay him (or her?) a visit!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Highlights of National Night Out 2014

On Tuesday, August 5th, Raymondale joined the neighbors of Broyhill Park at Woodley pool to celebrate National Night Out!

According to Raymondale Co-President Whitney Redding :

The NNO was a total success.  We had a great combination of good weather, lots of guests, just enough  hot dogs and the police/fire folks came and stayed for a good long time. One of the officers congratulated us on a great turnout. I saw lots of new faces - people who don't belong to the pool and/or are new to either Raymondale or Broyhill Park - as well as many of our longtime residents, who continue to be so civic-minded.  Of the 32 individuals  who  signed in, 50 percent were from Raymondale.  Total attendance was more than 40 people.

Here are the highlights...

Children made badges on coloring sheets.

So much fun!

The police car with flashing lights was a big hit!

This little guy is thinking about hopping in.
And he does! Look at that smile.

Even the lifeguards got a thrill of sitting in a police car.

Two new Raymondale residents got to meet the local law enforcement!

Four of Fairfax's finest paid a visit for about an hour, greeting neighbors, sharing a cold beverage, and meeting our little neighbors! a Big THANK you to them and to the neighbors who made this fin evening possible!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raymondale Has A New Sign!

At long last our lovely neighborhood has a lovely new sign!

This morning our new sign was installed near the corner of Brandy Ct. and Annandale Road in a similar location many previous Raymondale signs have stood.

Here is our sign prior to installation.

The posts go in deep to keep our sign standing tall and proud!

Original Raymondale resident, Victoria Kennedy, poses in front of the new sign. Did you know that Victoria's father was instrumental in the building and placement of Raymondale's very first sign?

Raymondale Civic Association co-president, Whitney Redding poses with homeowner Milton Ortega giving the thumbs up for the new sign on his property.

THANK YOU to all of you for your wonderful support in getting us our beautiful new sign!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Raymondale Block Party: A BIG Success!

About 70 Raymondale neighbors attended the annual block party held on Ellis Court on Saturday, June 28th. The weather was ideal, warm with a slight breeze and no rain in sight. Everyone was super generous with bringing so many wonderful homemade dishes and refreshing beverages. The children had a blast in Ellis Court with chalk, jump ropes, balls, bikes, and hula hoops while the adults sat in close proximity enjoying the buffet and swapping stories. Here are some photos from that fun evening:

The shade of Ellis Court was welcome by everyone.

So was the food! This photo was taken about 2 hours into the party. The green bucket of "sand" was especially a favorite thanks to Mary Peters!

Beloved dogs joined in the fun too.
Elwood, the lab mix, even managed to steal a chicken leg. Owner. Sarah, isn't too angry at him though.

New neighbors, Bill and Phil, chat with Christy and Larry.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this the most well-attended block party! Happy summer!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Incident on Kenney Lane In Broyhill Park

On Wednesday, May 14th from approx. 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Fairfax County police blocked off portions of Holly Hill Road, Camp Alger Road, and Kenney Lane. An unidentified man had barricaded himself in a residence on Kenney Lane after he was told he was being evicted.

A bomb squad vehicle was brought in as there were suspicions as to potential volatile agents in the house.
A robot was deployed from the bomb squad vehicle.

The police mobile command unit parked near Camp Alger and Holly Hill.

The fire department arrived.

Police on motorcycles formed a long line down Camp Alger.

Police tape was strung across the intersection of Holly Hill and Camp Alger keeping on-lookers away from Kenney Lane.

From the northern end of Holly Hill a SWAT vehicle and sheriff's cars lined the street. Around 9:30 p.m. police removed the man from the Kenney residence after he set fires in it.

Today the house is badly damaged is surrounded by police tape. Too much excitement for a Wednesday but good that it ended with no injuries.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Scouts Do A Good Turn In Luria Park!

Cub Scout Pack 863 (and a couple of Boy Scouts) spent a morning doing a “Good Turn” by picking up trash in the wetlands on the Raymondale side of Luria Park.  They loved trudging through the mud and creek to find plastic water bottles, small chunks of styrofoam, a couple of car tires and a baby seat.  Several of the Scouts live in our neighborhood including the Byrd boys and Peter Phelps.  An important part of the Scouting Movement is environmental stewardship and service both of which came together that morning.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pulling Green in the Park Highlights

You can't get any more "grass-roots" than this! Last Sunday, 14 volunteers provided the equivalent of 28 hours of labor to remove pesky invasive plants (read: weeds) from the trailhead at Brad Street and Dye Drive. They filled 17 giant bags with English Ivy, multiflora rose, garlic mustard  and oriental bittersweet - as well as trash - from the hillside. In the process, they rescued 17 young and mature trees from their stranglehold. 

This is the third year that volunteers have convened on that spot, as part of a long-term project to create an oasis of native habitat for the native plants, insects, birds and animals whose natural sources of food and shelter are being crowded out by overly aggressive non-native vegetation. Thanks to all Raymondale neighbors and friends who participated! A special thanks goes to Falls Church High School for sending four students, who were also a great help! The Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) provided tools, free gloves and free "Take Back the Forest" T-shirts to all participants. 

But wait! There's more! Raymondale Civic Association also wishes to thank Josh Byrd's Boy Scout Troop 863 for picking up trash from the wetland near Luria Park on Saturday. There were some curious finds -- baby carrier, metal pipes, you name it!

In the "other good news" department... At long last, the new footbridge into Luria Park is now open! Stay tuned to find out when/if the county will be repairing the rest of the boardwalk, but in the meantime, enjoy your access to the park!
Please enjoy this fun photo gallery from the invasive plant pull!