Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard of 2016: The Big Dig

I walked around my end of Raymondale on Monday afternoon to see the neighborhood after the big blizzard. Here are photos of the over 2 feet of snow that blanketed Raymondale. Enjoy!

Add Drive looking west. The plows went through on Saturday during the storm but certainly need to come back!

Ellis Court completely blocked with piles of plow snow. I was told that they are to be dug out some time on Monday.
Evidence of a very nice snowblower used on a Brad Street sidewalk. Look at how deep that snow is!

Car completely buried on Add Drive. There were several of these along my walk.

Snow dogs, Austin and Amber!

Neighbors heading in and out of Luria Park which is now a winter wonderland.

Scenes from Luria Park including a snowman hanging out by the creek!

And finally, one of our younger neighbors shows just how deep this snow really is!