Monday, November 10, 2014

Raymondale Annual Meeting a HUGE Success!

On Friday evening, November  7th,  at the Leis Center about 60-65 neighbors attended the annual Raymondale Civic Association meeting and pot luck. This was the largest turn out in years!


The evening was highlighted with a wonderful presentation by architect Mario Pareja. Mario gave great insights on our "Atomic" houses and various construction issues that can arise because of the way these houses were constructed. RCA board wishes to thank the Wilsons and local architect, Mario Pareja, for sharing their experiences and answering  attendees'  questions. Watch the next newsletter for  more information on Orangeburg pipes and local watershed-related building restrictions.
Much interest was generated by Raymondale's new "Little Library" on St. James Place, with a display (and free book giveaway) thanks to Nicole and Tony Britton.
Great information on birds was shared with brochures and a display board of photos taken of birds in the area. A fabulous door prize of birdfeeding-related products  (donated by Dan and Beth Fedorko) was won by one of Raymondale's newest families! 
While their parents talked and did boring stuff, little kids formed creative bird feeders from pipe cleaners and Cheerios.
Among new initiatives announced: a new gardening committee for the new Raymondale sign; formation of a new task force on neighbors helping neighbors during disasters (as part of a pilot program by Fairfax County and FEMA);  the decision to go ahead and compile a new neighborhood directory.
-The current board was reelected. Thanks, everyone, for the great  turnout so that all of us can be that much more aware and responsive to what you, the residents, want RCA to do!