Monday, June 30, 2014

Raymondale Block Party: A BIG Success!

About 70 Raymondale neighbors attended the annual block party held on Ellis Court on Saturday, June 28th. The weather was ideal, warm with a slight breeze and no rain in sight. Everyone was super generous with bringing so many wonderful homemade dishes and refreshing beverages. The children had a blast in Ellis Court with chalk, jump ropes, balls, bikes, and hula hoops while the adults sat in close proximity enjoying the buffet and swapping stories. Here are some photos from that fun evening:

The shade of Ellis Court was welcome by everyone.

So was the food! This photo was taken about 2 hours into the party. The green bucket of "sand" was especially a favorite thanks to Mary Peters!

Beloved dogs joined in the fun too.
Elwood, the lab mix, even managed to steal a chicken leg. Owner. Sarah, isn't too angry at him though.

New neighbors, Bill and Phil, chat with Christy and Larry.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this the most well-attended block party! Happy summer!