Thursday, March 10, 2016

Good Neighbors Tackle Luria Park Trash

A couple of weeks ago the Byrd family (of Brad Street) headed an impromptu clean up of Luria Park. After recent heavy rains and snow melt, piles of debris and trash collected in thick piles along the new boardwalk near the streams. Using the Raymondale on-line announce group, Josh Byrd invited anyone who had free time to join them. Broyhill Park even joined in the effort!

Like so many of us, the Byrd family understands how important Luria Park is to our neighborhood, and by example they proved that we are all custodians of our environment. We thank the Byrd family and the other wonderful volunteers who came out. And if you are in Luria Park and find some trash, pick it up and place it in one of the convenient receptacles in the park. Happy Spring!

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