Saturday, August 18, 2018

2018 Annual Neighborhood Blcok Party: Come Rain or...Rain!

Despite forecasts to the contrary, the annual Raymondale block party picnic last night had two unexpected last-minute guests:   Rain and thunder. And yet! And yet.... At least 45 people showed up anyway to linger over tables laden with food and mingle under umbrellas and shade canopies. Because, after all, the potluck food had already been cooked and the coolers already stocked  before the sky turned dark, and some forecast somewhere had said we would be spared the worst of it. Which turned out to be true. Certainly the kids seemed not to notice the weather, as they got wet playing catch with water balloons anyway. 

Many thanks to the organizers and to all the great cooks who came and brought a dish to share. It was fun to meet so many new neighbors and renew ties with old friends!

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