Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 2012 Annual Meeting


Raymondale Civic Association's annual meeting will be 7-9 p.m., on this Wed., Nov. 28 (light refreshments will be served)

Where: Thomas Jefferson Library conference room 1 & 2, 7415 Arlington Blvd.

Who will be there: Your neighborhood :)

All Raymondale residents are invited to attend the civic association's annual meeting to discuss neighborhood concerns, nominate someone for the board, elect officers and get to know their neighbors. ANY resident of Raymondale is welcome to attend; it's a great way to plug into all the latest goings-on. We usually hold it at the Leis Center. Please note that this year, because of new ongoing night courses for teachers at the Leis Center, the location has been changed to our beautiful newly renovated library. To accommodate those coming from work, we'll be hosting it 7-9 pm with light refreshments provided by the board members, rather than a potluck. Children's activities also will be provided, and there is no fee for this event.

This meeting is very important for keeping in touch with what neighbors are thinking. Among the topics on the docket will be the status on replacing the Raymondale sign; the status of the new bridge into Luria Park; an environmental task force update, and other information of relevance to our neighborhood. Bring your questions, vote for the new board, consider becoming a volunteer, and we're off and running! 

More information, contact any current board member -
Whitney Redding 

Sandy McConville

Jackie Broz

Heather Wilson

Beth Fedorko

Victoria Kennedy