Friday, August 15, 2014

Ogre in Luria Park!

Beware! There is an ogre in Luria Park!
Long a habitat for deer, foxes, squirrels, and hawks, Luria Park now has its own ogre...
Oh my!

This woody beast is the creation of Holmes Run resident, Jack Underhill, who couldn't resist having a little fun with a giant tree stump in the park.

He had been carving all afternoon, fielding questions from curious onlookers especially children.

And an ogre is born! A friendly wood ogre who guards our precious park. Go pay him (or her?) a visit!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Highlights of National Night Out 2014

On Tuesday, August 5th, Raymondale joined the neighbors of Broyhill Park at Woodley pool to celebrate National Night Out!

According to Raymondale Co-President Whitney Redding :

The NNO was a total success.  We had a great combination of good weather, lots of guests, just enough  hot dogs and the police/fire folks came and stayed for a good long time. One of the officers congratulated us on a great turnout. I saw lots of new faces - people who don't belong to the pool and/or are new to either Raymondale or Broyhill Park - as well as many of our longtime residents, who continue to be so civic-minded.  Of the 32 individuals  who  signed in, 50 percent were from Raymondale.  Total attendance was more than 40 people.

Here are the highlights...

Children made badges on coloring sheets.

So much fun!

The police car with flashing lights was a big hit!

This little guy is thinking about hopping in.
And he does! Look at that smile.

Even the lifeguards got a thrill of sitting in a police car.

Two new Raymondale residents got to meet the local law enforcement!

Four of Fairfax's finest paid a visit for about an hour, greeting neighbors, sharing a cold beverage, and meeting our little neighbors! a Big THANK you to them and to the neighbors who made this fin evening possible!