Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Storm Drain Labeling in Raymondale

All 40 storm drains in Raymondale are now labeled with special stickers reminding residents that it's our collective responsibility to protect our watershed from pollutants. That's because even if you live on a property that does NOT have a stream, ALL runoff from your property will funnel into the street drains, which then lead directly (!) into Raymondale's stream, and then on to bigger and bigger waterways -- including the Potomac River-- on its way to the Chesapeake Bay. 

So next time you fertilize your lawn, make sure to do it well before the next rainstorm, or else the rain will carry the fertilizer into the storm drains. When you wash your car, do it on grass (which acts as a filter) or at a car wash, to prevent soap and oily grime from going into the streams. These and other strategies are included in a brochure that has been delivered to your home within the past week.

Raymondale Civic Association wishes to thank neighborhood teens Mira and Tate Wroblewski and Grace and Martha Molinaro for completing this important community service project!