Monday, September 16, 2013

Luria Park Boardwalk and Bridge To Be Replaced

"By 1975, a new bridge had been built across Holmes Run and through the swampy 
woods, linking the Acres with Raymondale..."          -  -  HOLMES RUN ACRES:  
THE STORY OF A COMMUNITY,  the Acres' 25th anniversary history book. 
Residents of both Raymondale and Holmes Run Acres have enjoyed the bridge over Holmes Run creek 
and the elevated boardwalk. But as all of us who use the boardwalk and bridge know, this well-traveled route 
has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. 
The Fairfax County Park Authority  (FCPA) will be replaced the bridge and boardwalk within the
next 30 days AND the work is planned to take 3-4 months to complete. 

From the Fairfax County Park Authority:
 "The bridge in Luria park was built just before Holmes Run Acres 25th 
anniversary, and was already showing signs of age when it was hit by the last 
big flood, resulting in structural damage.  The Fairfax County Park Authority 
has funding for its repair, from a previous passed bond.  Unfortunately, we 
regret that this bridge work will involve some inconvenience to its many users, 
since the bridge will be closed for use while the work is being done."
 Below is a map provided by the FCPA and posted on the information 
kiosks at both entrances to the park:
The map outlines the way to access Holmes Run Acres and Luria Park during bridge reconstruction.
 A link for this map is here:
 Even though the construction will cause temporary inconvenience, 
 the final result will be enjoyed by everyone!