Tuesday, August 6, 2019

National Night Out 2019

National Night Out 2019 was very well attended by Raymondale and Broyhill Park neighbors. Officers from Fairfax County Police and Sheriff's Departments joined us for delicious food and wonderful conversation!
The police were the first to arrive and the last to leave -- police and sheriff reps clearly enjoyed meeting everyone and stayed around to answer questions, hand out helpful information, flash their lights and sirens, and show the kids what their cars look like from the inside. Among the questions: How hot is it to wear all that gear including thick black polyester uniforms on such a sweltering day? To which they all laughed...

The thunder rumbled ominously here and there but ultimately stayed away, which everyone appreciated

Broyhill Park volunteers did a great job grilling for everyone

One of our best turnouts yet, with many folks from both neighborhoods, 50-60 neighbors!

Many thanks to the volunteers who staffed this event or brought food, especially co-organizers Sandy McConville and Carol Ofiesh, and to Woodley Pool for hosting it. 

Next up! Save the date for Raymondale's  popular end-of-summer Block Party on Ellis Court!

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